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Which Are the Best Walking Shoes for Nurses?



The ideal pair of shoes for nurses

Nurses have one of the most demanding and tiring occupations. Most of their time are spent being up on their feet, which indeed are their biggest assets. But as their biggest assets get abused round the clock, nurses need durable, dependable and comfortable shoes so that they can focus solely on their patients, and not their hurting feet.

According to certified orthopedic doctors and surgeons, the most important consideration for a good shoe is the accommodation of the width of your foot, as well as good arch support. As a general rule, a good shoe should fit the shape of your feet well. As all feet differ in shapes, sizes, conditions and particular needs, the shoe brand that works for one nurse may not work for you.

Nurses must simply know exactly what they’re looking for in an ideal pair of shoes. These shoes will enable them to make it through the day without experiencing back pains and spinal issues, leg pains, and of course foot pains, among any other kinds of discomfort. Of course, these shoes must fit their feet well.


12015307_f260Tips for buying an ideal pair of walking shoes for nurses

Whether you’re a male or a female nurse trying to find an ideal pair of shoes, you must remember these general tips when buying them:

  • You should buy shoes that are closed in front and back. This is to help you avoid injury, e.g., from falling sharp objects such as needles.
  • Shoes made from smooth leather are still the best bet. They will offer your feet total protection against falling objects (like sharp, pointy things such as needles) as well as your patient’s body fluids.
  • Because spills are usual inside the hospital, your shoes must have a solid sole to protect you from slipping.
  • Contrary to popular notion, flat shoes are never good for your feet, especially if your feet have remarkable arches to them. Low-heeled shoes (measuring up to two inches the most) with a good arch support will help stabilize your feet.
  • Since nurses tend to run especially when there’s an emergency, their shoes should have cushioning to absorb shock as well as to provide redistribution of weight.
  • You must buy shoes that are approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA). Dansko and Crocs are among the APMA-approved footwear for nurses
  • Shoes should “rotate” during shifts
  • Insert insoles for additional cushioning with removable footbed


Best Shoes for Nurses?



12015333_f260Best walking shoes for male nurses

Many male nurses complain that their choices are limited, even when it comes to comfortable footwear. But the truth is, there are a wide range of best shoes for the male nurses available on the market today.

Here are some of the recommended shoe brands for male nurses:



  • Dansko XP Pro
  • Sanita Professional Oil Clog
  • Timberland Five Star Meurice
  • New Balance 626 Cross Trainers
  • Timberland Five Star Fairmont Work Shoe
  • Crocs Shoes
  • Birkenstock Professional Profi Birki Work Shoe
  • Crocs Tummler Work Shoe
  • Mozo Red Skull Work Shoe
  • Skechers Work Exalt Closer


12015336_f260Best walking shoes for female nurses

Shoes for female nurses range from plain white to having colorful print designs that are the latest in nurse’s shoe fashion. Here are some of the recommended brands for female nurses

  • Dansko Women’s Volley Clog
  • Dansko Women’s Professional Leather Clog
  • Skechers Women’s Premium-Premix Slip-On Sneaker
  • WorkWear Peacock Women’s Step In
  • Dickies ‘Twin Gore Step In Shoe ‘Intense’


  • Women’s Nurse Mates Dove Slip On Loafers
  • Timberland PRO Shoes
  • Quark Women’s Shoes
  • Crocs Shoes
  • Spring Step Shoes


Nursing Shoes for Women



These are only few suggestions on walking shoes for both male and female nurses. You can check other suggestions on Amazon or other online shops, or retailers at your corner.