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Ways to Earn a Living with a Creative Writing Degree

8838805_f260Choosing a writing career

Many students have to do part time jobs along with their studies so they can earn some bucks for themselves. Moreover, there are also such people who bear the responsibility of supporting their families’ right after they graduate from college. Therefore, such people choose a degree that can help them to make a good amount of cash. On the other hand, certain people want their career to base on what they actually love doing. For instance, writing. Now writing is a skill that can be learned as well as comes naturally in a person. The best writers have that inborn quality of producing marvelous work just by pouring their heart out to the world in the best possible words.

Some of the possible employments for creative writing degree holders

The person, who chooses writing as his future career and decides on getting a creative writing degree, can earn a living in many ways. Below is a list, which includes only some of those possible jobs.


Amazing Jobs Creative Writing



8838825_f2601. Marketer

If you write well enough, you could get hired by a marketing agency or a company to write marketing content for them. You can actually help the company persuade and create potential customers as a marketer.

You might know that as a writer you have the ability to connect a potential audience. A clear, concise and effective marketing writing that sends the message across and engages prospetive customers to elicit a response.


8838850_f2602. Professor

You might as well apply to some college or university but before you do, you probably will need a degree that is equivalent to masters.

Creative writing professors cover the usual disciplines to shape and hone his or her student’s writing talents such as structuring short stories and novels as well as developing effective characters. They also teach effective, compelling essays and even help students to overcome the usual occupational “ailment,” the writer’s block.


8838861_f2603. Writer

Other options include choosing to be a writer. You can write in many ways including writing stories and novels. Now this is a fascinating job. Writers are Paulo Coelho; Stephen King etc. are some of the world famous writers. However, not everyone chooses to be a writer because it requires a lot of passion. Only those who want nothing but writing to be their career choose to be writers and even actually be writers one day


The conclusion is that once the person graduates from his/her college, he will have a number of job opportunities. He can either be a marketer, professor at some college or publish a book/novel himself and earn by making a contract with a publishing company.


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