Tips for Using Facebook Pages for Your Business

8840074_f260Facebook as a business tool? Why not?

These are the essential parts of having a successful Facebook page that will grow your business; however, you need to know how to develop each essential part so that Facebook will work for you. You can find some excellent resources and tips through out the web. These tips given to you will help grow your ability to drive traffic to both Facebook and to your website.



Facebook Marketing – How to Leverage Facebook to Grow Your Business



8823889_f248Taking advantage on Facebook’s popularity for marketing purposes

Many people use Facebook to present the products that they want to sell. Make sure that you keep the product photos updated and put your site link into the watermark of your photos to help promote your site. Facebook users enjoy looking at photos, especially ones that are eye catching.

People need to like your Facebook page and you can help that by the information that you include on your homepage. The type of blogs that you write is very important in order to attract traffic to your Facebook page. When it comes to writing unique blogs make sure and mention that if the reader likes the blog a LIKE on Facebook would be appreciated. Make sure you post links to your Facebook page to your latest posts, news updates, relevant industry news and other useful information.

Be sure to mention your Facebbok page in your Twitter posts, links on your main site pages, any printed promotional material, etc. Having a seamless integration strategy between your social media profiles will help to build awareness.



A valuable (and also fun) marketing tool to augment your online presence

You will find that Facebook is also a fun way to interact with your customers and others that are in the same industry. Your Facebook page represents your company so always make sure that you do keep it looking professional looking. You want to grow this social media presence because it is a valuable tool in expanding your online reach.

Many businesses use Facebook in order to draw traffic to their own website and some people use Facebook as their only website resource. We suggest using your Facebook page to drive traffic web site.


An introduction to using Facebook for your business – recorded webinar February 2013