The Future of Blackberry

8874670_f260Blackberry – revolutionizing but alas, never innovating

Just a few years ago it was all about the Crackberry and people constantly tapping on their Blackberry phones. Blackberry revolutionized the world of smart phones and being constantly connected and messaging. As so many people have written about – they didn’t innovate. They were content with owning the business market and left them selves wide open for a frontal attack from the consumer market.







The Apple and Android battle leaves Blackberry in the dust

Thats when Apple steps in and makes the consumer fall in love with their iPhone and iTunes and the whole Apple way. Blackberry didn’t move quick enough and before they knew it business users were starting to swoon. That was attack number one…

In reaction to both Apple and to some extent Blackberry, Google starts its own efforts for the mobile market. Seeing that search is going mobile, they did the one thing that Apple and Blackberry couldn’t do – they developed and pushed an open source mobile OS – Android. That brought a direct threat to Apple of course but for Blackberry it may well be fatal. Its almost a repeat of the old Apple and Microsoft battle on the desktop. Apple is well Apple and Google’s Android is Microsoft’s Windows. Blackberry is getting crushed in between them.


At Issue – The Decline of Blackberry



A few options for Blackberry — or going bust

The latest numbers for Blackberry show a decreasing market and revenue. The future is pretty bleak. They still have a strong base in the business community but how do they capitalize on that and move forward? Here are a few options:

  • Be sold to the highest bidder – maybe an HP or a Microsoft. Microsoft would seem to make sense because of their strong presence in the business community, the Windows Phone system which is gaining some traction and their alliance with Nokia. It could be a powerful juggernaut.
  • Go Android – I am sure Google would love to have RIM on its platform. Could Blackberry make the move and take its popular messaging platform and other tools to Android? They would then be completing more directly with other phone manufacturers – it would be an interesting move.
  • Further decline – it would seem there is little hope with out a major strategy change this would be the future. Think Novell of the 90s…

One woud think that the board of RIM is actively considering their strategy against iOS and Android and to some extent Windows Phone. 2012 will be the deciding year for RIM it will be interesting to see what strategy they follow. Best of luck to RIM – we hope they become the rising Phoenix in the mobile space.


How Did Blackberry Fall Behind Other Smartphones?