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The Best Work Out Videos Today



Working out at home

If you want to get your body back in shape and make yourself healthier, begin having your regular workouts. You could hit the gym, but what if the the winter season, a rainy weather, or a late afternoon doesn’t call for it? Those situations will make you to hibernate more than go to the gym, but it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t stop working out. You still can start and continue your fitness program from the comfort and warmth of your home through using exercise videos.

The phrase “exercise videos” conjures up images of pink and magenta spandex, Buns of Steel, headbands and leg warmers. But you’ll be pleasantly surprised, because the fitness videos of today are far removed from those images. Today, fitness videos come in different forms and styles, from yoga and Pilates to zumba and other dance-fitness programs. In fact, there are a myriad of workout DVD’s out there today so choosing which those are the best became quite a daunting challenge.

However, if you learn to go past the hype of the never-ending fitness video trends and learn to read between the lines, you will find great fitness videos that are meant to be included in your collection, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned workout buff. You may need some equipment such as a pair of dumbbells to accomodate you while you go in your exercise activities in front of your TV screens. Here’s our list of the best work out videos in recenty memory.



1. Any “For Dummies” fitness videos

For beginners in particular, this is an excellent workout series of videos such as Shaping up with Weights fof Dummies, Pilates for Wegiht Loss for Dummies and Basic Yoga for Dummies. These steps go slowly, while the instructors explain the steps clearly while they show the exercise from several angles. You will see no distractions as the instructors who present those moves are always alone. Also, the good thing about this video is that it tells you the mistakes to avoid.


2. “Pure Barre Studio Series”

Pure Barre


If you are concerned about your lower half, these Pure Barre series of videos will do that for your problem area. Whether you are a Barre devotee or just starting, these videos provide a faster-paced workout. Barre workouts consist of a combination of ballet-inspired sculpting moves and Pilates, and some elements of yoga. Although the sessions are relatively fast-paced (at 45 minutes), it feels like a substantial workout — you’ll really sweat it out from this.


3. The Firm’s “Super Body Sculpt”

It features three fifteen-minute workouts consist of basic exercises, and focuses on your upper body, the lower body and abs. You may choose all three segments or only one of them, depending on your preference. Good especially for beginners.


4. “10 Minute Solution” series



If you are busy doing the household chores or won’t have plenty of time to do exercise on weekend perhaps, you can sneak into these short-time workouts. In just ten minutes, you can do workouts of your choice, from toning, cardio or yoga. This DVD series features six 10 minute sections. It allows viewers to make the most of their just ten mintues. As they progress in their routine, they can mix and match these workouts depending on their preference.




5. “Bob Harper: The Skinny Rules Series”

This video promises to crush those excess calories, as it features high-intesity combination moves. This three-disc DVD series features four workouts each that focuses cardio, core and strength. Although it lacks creativity, it’s otherwise effective in getting you into shape. You will need some equipment such as weights to accompany you in your workouts.


6. “Crunch’s Cardio Salsa”



You don’t have to travel south to experience such hot workout. This video features workouts that are guaranteed to get yourself fit in a fun way — they consist of fat-burning choreography backed up by the spicy Latin music. Even if you’re not a dancer, you’ll find the steps surprisingly easy to follow as the instructors will break down these steps so that you can follow along. Most of all, learn to let loose and feel yourself as if you’re burning the dance floor.



7. “Walking for Weight Loss”

Instructed by Debbie Rocker, this video is welcoming especially for beginners and for those who don’t want to do high-intensity workouts to get in shape. The exercises are very basic but very motivating and effective. Plus, you’ll get a view of the breathtaking, exotic scenery as the videos are filmed in Hawaii. Any person can follow these instrutctions quite easily.


8. “Jillian Michaels Yoga Inferno”



Get that slim and trim body you’ve always wanted through this video. This is geared especially for those enthusiastic yogis looking to take their sessions to the next level. Jillian Michael’s DVD consists of two 30-minute workouts providing a dynamic and focused yoga workout that’s sure to blast those extra calories.

9. “Exhale Core Fusion Barre Basics for Beginners”

Presented by Core Fusion creators and barre innoveators Fred DeVito and Elisabeth Halfpapp, this series features seven 10-minute workouts of their favorite barre segments from exhale programs to get your legs lean, flatten your abs, give you a more shapely butt and increase your overall flexibility and strength. These instructions are detailed and easy to follow.


10. Gin Miller’s “Build up Your Muscles”



This video requires you to use weights, tubing and exercise ball and ankle weights to follow these four full, various workouts. in 45 minutes This is suitable for all kinds of people, from beginners to advanced exercisers. The instructions are slow and clear, so that you can follow them easily.







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