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So What is Facebook Gaming?

No matter who you are, unless you live in a cave, Facebook Gamingyou’ve heard of Facebook.

And unless you’re socially out of the loop or or just choose not participate you more than likely have a Facebook account. Facebook has gone beyond viral and is changing the Internet as we know it. Facebook is #2 on the Alexa ratings and was beat out only by Google. That says something about Facebook’s popularity and success as a website. Why is Facebook so popular though? The answer is because Facebook is interactive. It takes the browsing and social network experience to the next level.

A key to Facebook success are the games and apps available on the site. They provide an interactive and realistic environment for the gamer. They create the ambience that you, the player, are earning coins, making food, farming, vanquishing foes or whatever.

Most popular and widely-played Facebook games

There are many different games available with some extremely popular games such as Farmville, Castleville, Gardens of Time, Backyard Monsters, Slingo, Words with Friends, and Hidden Chronicles. You name it they have a game for it and a player can easily spend a few hours playing it.

The game creators who make these are geniuses in leveraging the social platform of Facebook. The games will ask you to invite your friends, spend money for additional features, and asking you to sign up for different subscriptions and do different surveys.

Warning: it can be really addictive!

Be careful though, the games are very fun but very addictive. You have no doubt seen invites to participate in FarmVille, CityVille, or The Sims Social. Up and coming games such as World of Miscrits and Gardens of Time will continue to grow the popularity of Facebook as a gaming platform.

With the success that Facebook is having with timeline and the various other features, like the investment in Instagram, it’s only a matter of time before they dominate the small download computer game industry. Facebook will buy up game sites to create games for them.


Facebook is known for its games and apps and probably got the idea from the successes of MySpace and Yahoo.

Many other different social networking and communication sites have seen much success in the games they were offering and it was a serious cash cow. Why not invest in something that is already successful? Why not let other people develop it and buy it off of them? For every game and app creator there’s 10 more like him waiting in line.

If you haven’t started trying out Facebook gaming, we would suggest accepting an invite from a friend who would like you to participate. It can be a fun way to get started, they can give you some guidance and more than likely with you accepting their invite you are helping a friend further along in their gaming adventure. Facebook gaming can be fun!

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