Business ( – The Web’s Best SEO Software, Tools, Resources and Community (now renamed as is SEO & Social monitoring done right. It is simplified so that even the beginner understands what to do next and there are great guides, blogs, training and community to support any level of expertise. SEO management, actionable recommendations, social media marketing and so much more can be initiated with a 30 day free trial offer and very reasonable monthly plans. Professional SEO and Social Software are essential in today’s highly competitive times.

  • One of the first benefits is there is no software to install – no updates to apply – no computers to manage
  • The SEO Platform automatically crawls your site and analyzes it and for the keywords you select it will do a weekly google rank tracking for you.
  • The software will give you on page recommendations for how to improve your SEO for your site. If your unclear on the recommendations they have a detailed guide, blog and training to help point you in the right direction.
  • When your trying to improve your keyword rankings you are typically trying to beat out a direct competitor or a keyword competitor. SEOMoz will keep track of your competitors rankings as well as their link metrics (incoming and outgoing links)
  • SEO Tools are also available to determine difficulty of achieving ranking for specific keywords, analyzing your links, competitor links and find opportunities for back links and a real time browser toolbar to do fast assessments of any site you visit.

The unique benefit of the SEO service is their high quality and well respected resources for training, seminars, guides and more. They have over 250,000 members and 10,000 pro members regularly interacting, sharing and also guiding the SEOMoz team on whats the community is seeing and experiencing as well as what is needed – which all provides a solid crowd source information flow for continually improving the SEOMoz service.

You will be able to monitor everything without being stick to a medium to do it. The recommendations are on page, so it is a sure thing every time. Analyses are comprehensive and highly competitive. This is a company that believes in consistent progression of themselves and their clients. They always hold themselves and their services to the highest of standards, and even those are constantly being improved.

The urgency to implement SEO and internet marketing strategies is clear and, it is essential to have a professional team of experts that you can trust to get the job done. Google and other major search engines are constantly making changes and updating how they approach search. provides a great service to help you the job done at a price that is reasonable to anyone on any budget with professionalism that you can count on by people that you can trust.

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Quick update – is now – the note on their site states:

“SEOmoz is now Moz, expanding our efforts to support marketers across all of the inbound marketing universe.”

This change has been done in recognition of the fact that great web marketing is more than just focusing on search engines but its also social, mobile and more.