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Schools NOT to Get Your Creative Writing Degree At

8838196_f248Choosing a good school for creative writing will also spell your future career prospects

You must make sure that the school that you are choosing to get a creative writing degree from is a quality one. In addition, it should actually worth the money you are willing to spend on it. Not to mention the time that it will take in the course completion, you will not want to waste that either. Not every school is a reputed one and not every school issues a worthy degree. If your degree is not of much value in the market, your employer will not be happy to give you the job and it will take you a while in finding a job for yourself.






MA in Creative Writing – School of English, University College Cork



8838917_f260Beware of these types of schools!

Beware of the schools that are not good enough. You must ignore schools, which are-

(a) Not accredited

The school that you apply to should be an accredited one. You obviously would not want to waste your time and money over something that is not worth it. So first, get all the relevant information and find out that it is an accredited school and it is ok to apply there.


8838921_f260(b) Those that are extremely expensive

Records tell us that 90’s were much affordable to many people in terms of education etc. From the beginning of 2000, the world has been facing recession and prices tend to rise considerably every year. Therefore not many students can afford every school. It is important that you know about the fee structure of the school you are applying to and that it is affordable.






8838930_f260(c) Those from “degree mills”

“Degree mills” are those colleges, which do not issue valuable degrees and do not even teach much to their enrolled students. Degree mills are also found online. It is important that you do not choose a college that is known to be a “degree mill” because once you complete your course, you will get a degree that is not of much value and that will cause you a great deal of trouble.


In short, if you want to get a creative writing degree and that too from a good school then you must consider that they are affordable, accredited and are not degree mill schools.





Creative Writing at Santa Barbara City College