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Review of a Facebook Game: Miscrits of Sunfall Kingdom

What is Miscrits of Sunfall Kingdom and how can you Miscrits of Sunfall Kingdombe a “part” of it?

Miscrits of Sunfall Kingdom is a popular game of Facebook. The game starts with the main character, you, being found lost in the forest. You are found by a forest guard who asks you if you are the one destined to fulfill a prophecy that was said long ago. You discover that you are the chosen one and are given your first Miscrit, a Flue which is an incredibly powerful and rare Miscrit. It is rare because it can only be found in the Miscrit gift shop.

What exactly is a Miscrit?

It is rare because it can only be found in the Miscrit gift shop. Now, what a Miscrit is a magical being with abilities never before seen in another species. There are thousands of different Miscrits out there, just waiting for you to capture them. Now after you receive the Flue, the forest guard tells you to search for another Miscrit to capture. You must attack another Miscrit first before you are able to capture it. You just don’t want to capture Miscrits, you also should battle them in order for your Miscrits to gain experience. When you gain a certain amount of experience, you will level up (the amount of experience you will need will raise every level).

Miscrits Sunfall Kingdom: How to defeat West djinn

Enemies – Magicites led by the evil Apollo NoxApollo Nox

The prophecy about you tells that you will defeat an evil magicite named Apollo Nox. Magicites are a group of people that want to steal and harness the magic of Miscrits. Sometimes they have succeeded, and those Miscrits turn dark. Although the dark Miscrits are more powerful in every sense, they only get to enjoy that power for a while; for without magic, Miscrits will die.

Apollo Nox is the leader of the magicites, and also the most powerful. NoxThe Magicites has grown so powerful from all the magic he has absorbed from Miscrits, that he is nearly invincible. He has grown so powerful, that he summoned the six elementals. Elementals are some of the most powerful beings in Miscria (the land of the Miscrits). They exist solely to suck the magic out of Miscrits. Your mission is to first grow powerful enough to stop the elementals, then Apollo Nox. If you do not defeat the elementals first, you will not be able to defeat Apollo Nox later. For he will summon them to him when you attack him, and their combined power will be impossible to defeat.

Other elements of the gameHealing Chapel

There are three elementals in Sunfall Kingdom and three on Volcano Island (which you can reach by the ferry near Sunfall Shores, which is to the south when you stand in the middle of town). Now, inevitably, your Miscrits will be hurt or even killed in battle, to heal them you must go to the Miscrit healer in town. To heal them the Miscrit healer will need a donation of ten virtue (your ten virtue will recharge every hour).

A fun and exciting game — highly rated

Miscrits of Sunfall Kingdom is a very fun and exciting game. I highly suggest you play it. It may start out slow, but once you get into it, you just want to keep playing and playing.

Miscrits of Sunfall Kingdom inside the shack

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