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Religion for both Protestants and Catholics began many centuries ago in a little town named Bethlehem of Judea where a small child was born name Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ began the new world religion known as Christianity. He taught his disciples who spread the word about God in heaven and how people should live their lives. The term Christianity was taken from his name meaning to live “Christ Like” or to obey the rules set forth for humankind. These laws are what have set the precedents that kept civilizations together and help man to be more humane towards one another.

The advent of Jesus Christ

Catholics praying
Catholics praying

It is important for every society to know how live in harmony not only within the society but also with others that surround that society. The commandments that Christ gave us helps maintain the societies all over the world and down through time. Many people believe that chaos would have eventually destroyed the world if it had not been for the coming of Christ. Christ was the light that comes into the world to save us all from ourselves and to save our souls for the afterlife. This is the basis of the beliefs for those who are both Protestant and Catholic.


Protestant Religions


There are multitudes of Protestant Religions that were created by men who claim to have had a divine intervention from Christ or one of his angels. The many different religions usually all follow the Holy Bible, which is the book that was written by the prophets giving us the laws that Jesus taught when he was on earth. The different Protestants use the Holy Bible as their guide but they usually all have their own rules incorporated into those laws. The following are the top Protestant Religious groups which you would need to study individually in order to know their true beliefs.

  • Baptists, who have many different followers under different titles, have their own by-laws.
  • Reformers have many different sects like 1st Reformers, 2ndReformers, 3rd Reformers etc. each have divided into their own groups making their own rules based on the text that come from the Bible.
  • Lutherans are a group of Protestants that set up their own rules based on the Bible and their founder.
  • Wesleyans are formed from breaking off from their Methodist teachings.
  • Methodists

  • Quakers
  • Mormons
  • Amish

Many other groups that are too many to number make up the Protestant religion.

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