Powerful Tools For Your Internet Marketing Program

8823301_f248Millions of people make money over the Internet. And, there is still plenty of money to be made online. If you want to succeed in your web marketing program, consider using one or more of the following Internet marketing tools. There tools can greatly assist in various tasks as part of your marketing program.


1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) tools are used to bring new traffic to your website and potentially increase sales. These types of tools would include Google’s Keyword Suggestion tool that helpsyou find new possible keywords and Copyscape a tool that allows you to compare articles with the entire internet to ensure the content has not been copied if it is new. It can also be used to see if the content on your websites has been copied and used elsewhere on the internet. Both of these tools are free.


2. Link building tools

Link building tools are used to get quality links back to your website, which helps your website rank better on the search engines. The best free option for this is Blekko. There are also options that will charge you monthly like Majestic SEO.


3. Coding tools

Coding tools such as Web Developer Toolbar, Webmaster Tools, CSS Validator, Markup Validator, Xenu and Redirect Checker are all free. These tools allow you to find errors on your website, correct broken links validate your CSS for compliance, ensure redirect links are working properly as well as testing the speed of your webpage.


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4. Conversion tools

Conversion tools are also helpful for internet marketing. Google Website Optimizer, Google Analytics, Sirify and Five Second Test are all free tools to help with conversions. You can also use the tools that charge monthly like Attention Wizard, Crazy Egg, ClickTale and User Testing. If your website were not converting, any of these tools would be good to add to your internet marketing toolbox.


5. Convenience tools

Convenience tools include those that quickly fill a form, show page ranks of competitors, count characters for titles and descriptions, and view old website copies. One tool you may want to get is the FireFox add-on FireFTP. It is an FTP client built right into the browser, which will make uploading ontent to your website easier. Free tools include Search Status, Domain Tools, Character Count, and Basecamp for a single project. Paid tools include MetroFax and HMA. Basecamp also has a paid service for multiple projects.


6. Social media tools

Social media tools are becoming increasingly important for internet marketing. Free tools include TweetDeck, Twellow, Twitter Feed and Hootsuite. These tools allow you to organize Twitter profiles, find people in related niche, automate Twitter and Facebook comments and manage multiple social profiles from one location.


8823296_f248If your website is struggling to capture the attention of your target market, try some of these internet marketing tools. It would also be helpful to continue looking online because you can often find new internet marketing tools that people do not know about.






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