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Planning Garage Flooring

8648658_f248Planning on a new garage flooring? These tips will help!

When residents decide to remodel their respective properties, they mostly ignore the garage. They see it as nothing more than a place to park their vehicles. But when you plan on covering your garage floors, it will make your garage look great and feel new. Not only that, new flooring will offer protection for your garage’s basic concrete surface and add value to your property.






Things to Consider When Planning Garage Flooring

A beautiful home should also have a beautiful garage. When you open your garage when neighbors and friends walk into your home, you will not be embarrassed by the plain concrete floor and the awful automotive stains spilled across it. Instead, you’ll be proud to show your gorgeous-looking garage floor to your neighbors and friends.A beautiful and inviting garage can even also serve as a place for entertaining friends when you host a BBQ and/or a swimming party at your backyard.

Part of the planning for new flooring for your garage is of course choosing from the different types of flooring with different colors, designs and textures. With many choices available, there’s no reason you should get stuck with your plain garage door. Hiring a professional garage designer can ease your decision-making process and ensure you choose the right flooring. A professional designer will show you many different options and assist you in creating a custom garage floor that will meet your needs and preferences.

There are other variations of floor types that are recommended by professionals and homeowners alike.

The best of these types are flooring provide a non-slip surface. They enable you to avoid accidental slips should a liquid spill. These floors are durable and easy to clean and maintain, too. There will be no long term nasty stains to deal with.


Planning Your New Garage Floor

Speckled Garage Floor
Speckled Garage Floor

Outlining a floor plan will help professional designers create your custom garage space. For instance, many people would like to use that corner of the garage for doing special handicrafts and tool work, or a part of the garage for recreation and for entertainment. Your floor plan will also include things like where any furniture and storage units should be placed. Depending on the size of the garage, these plans will help influence your decision on what type of flooring you will want to install to your garage. When you have these plans ironed out, they will facilitate the design professionals in creating your custom garage space. In ensuring the quality and durability of your garage flooring, high-grade materials should be used.

High-quality adhesives, cements, paints and epoxies should also be of paramount consideration. Tile floors, although in wide use in many garages, should be the last option you would want to go with. Tiles just float above the concrete floor and can even harbor more dirt, insects, mold and mildew — and these things are hard to remove that a simple mopping won’t do. You want a type of flooring that will not only look gorgeous but be easy to clean. So consult your contractor or professional designer about options


Once your floor plan is complete, professional designers will give you an estimate that includes the cost of materials and the amount of time that the job will take. All these work will be worth it when you finally get to see a brand-new garage floor and a brand new looking garage. You’ll be happy to know that planning new garage flooring can be one of the best decisions you can make for your home.


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