Make Money by Tweeting, Blogging and Photo Sharing with Izea

8202827_f120If you have a Twitter account and want to make some extra cash by sending some tweets, then you need to know about Sponsored Tweets. This innovative company, which has been in business since 2006, has helped thousands of people just like you make money on Twitter while enjoying all the fun and benefits of social networking at the same time. Some of their marquee names include various Kardashian family members, Snooki, Lindsey Lohan to name just a few.

If your Twitter account is popular and you consistently make quality tweets, then you can sign up with Sponsored Tweets to bid on the chance to create tweets for cash from a number of advertisers. It’s fun, free, and all you have to do is register. If you love to tweet on a daily basis, why not make money while you do it?

8204055_f120If you’re wondering what Sponsored Tweets is all about, it’s simple—it’s an online company that creates a connection between advertisers and tweeters in a way that benefits them both. When tweeters sign up, they join a list of other tweeters that advertisers can choose to work with. All you need is an account and some idea of how much you’d like to be paid in order to tweet on behalf of each advertiser. That’s the great thing about Sponsored Tweets: you set the price for the tweets that you send. There’s no limit, and you can work with as many advertisers as you like once they choose to work with you. Since the advertisers choose the tweeters (usually based on their number of followers, the popularity of their Twitter, the quality of their tweets, and their set price,) the bidding is fair and reasonable. Bid wisely because even though you want to set your price at a rate that will attract advertisers, you do not want to cheat yourself either.

8204086_f120 There are many different ways that you can advertise within the body of your tweets. That’s what makes Sponsored Tweets so much fun because you can be creative instead of having to use formats that will put your followers off. There are hash tags that you can use, and you always choose the best way to tweet the ads to your followers. There is no auto-tweeting with Sponsored Tweets. You always write your own tweets, just as you always have and according to the company’s guidelines, and that’s all there is to it! If you’re already using Twitter, why not make some easy cash with your tweets at the same time? Join Sponsored Tweets today and make your tweets work for you.

Sponsored Tweets is part of Izea the web marketing company that connects advertisers with social media influencers. Izea promises to deliver Influence at Scale with the primary goal being to connect the famous and not so famous social influencers with publishers who need to get their message out.

If your a photo bug and would like to share photos you can also check out Izea’s Staree service as well. Staree allows for the sharing of photos by advertisers for product placement. You can generate revenue through social photo sharing. You can also check out their Social Spark platform that promotes sponsored blog posts for bloggers.

If you have a strong robust social network and a powerful Twitter presence you can make money through your social network. Check out the offerings from Izea.