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Keeping Track of Water Intake During Exercise



The relation of water intake and exercise

Whenever anyone exercises and works out, water is needed to keep the body from dehydration. In addition to oxygen, your body needs an adequate supply of water. The more your body keeps on moving, the more important it is to drink water before, during and after your exercise or workouts as long as it’s in the right amount.

If you don’t drink the right amount of water, dehydration can make it difficult for you to make the most of your workout and worse, it can lead you to more extreme and dangerous situations. It doesn’t mean though that drinking too much water is better; in fact, it can also have adverse effects inside your body.

Drinking the proper amount of water helps to bring back any lost fluids or salts that can happen during your workouts. Not only that, water also helps to control your body temperature. Drinking water is important especially when a person is on a rigorous workout or does his or her exercises in hot and humid climate, whether indoors or outdoors. This is even more of value when a person ages and therefore is less able to regulate his/her temperature.



Water drinking for certain types of people

So the question is how much should you drink your water? The answer is that it depends. The recommended water consumption depends upon the person’s body type and size, the level of intensity of a workout, the environment and the climate in which a person does the workouts. For instance, if you’re walking or jogging on a treadmill for thirty minutes inside an air-conditioned gym, chances are you won’t need to drink the amount of water like the competitive athletes in a hot and humid climate do. Otherwise, inappropriate drinking can render it ineffective or even dangerous. Professional and amateur athletes must depend on a dietitian (with experience in sports nutrition) who will assess their fluid, electrolyte and energy needs before giving out certain fluid intake recommendations. Even a small amount of dehydration tremendously affects an athlete’s performance.


Sports drink is also feasible especially for athletes
Sports drink is also feasible especially for athletes


If you’re involved in heavy workouts, the recommended amount of water you’ll drink is a cup of it every fifteen minutes of your activity. For people who do light to moderate workouts, a half of cup of water for the same period should be enough.

It’s also a good suggestion if you weigh yourself before, and then after, you exercise. If you see to it that you’re shedding pounds after your workout, it’s suggested that you should drink two and half cups of water for every pound you’ve lost during exercise.

If you’re exercising not too strenuously (in thirty minutes or less) just for the purpose of getting your body into shape, water is enough to keep you going. If you’re a professional athlete, or someone who does demanding workouts, a sports drink is also highly recommended aside from water, because a sports drink contains electrolytes that may be lost during exercise.


Water intake-tracking apps



1. Argus
Argus is one of the best fitness apps out there. It is a free app that is useful for tracking your physical activity, calorie, and nutrition. It also tracks your water intake. Available only for iOS, the great thing about this app is that it also integrates with non-Apple devices. However, it shouldn’t be used for overly strenuous workouts as you’ll be using your phone anyway.




2. Intelli-diet
Another fitness, nutrition and lifestyle tracking app that has also a water tracker. With these functions you’ll feel like you’re having a licensed dietitian in one app. Available for iPhone only.








3. Water Your Body
Available for both iOS and Android devices, the app reminds you to drink your water every day. This applies to everyone, including athletes, fitness buffs and anyone who love to do strenuous activities. The app leaves the user with customization, including cups in Imperial or Metric units, as well as starting and ending time in drinking water within the day.









9279080_f2604. Nutrition Menu
Available for iOS only, it helps you in keeping track of your exercise, diet, nutritional information (fats, carbs, calories, etc.) and water intake. This is great because it doesn’t need a data connection or WiFi to have an access to information. It also offers 140-built-in exercises to help you shed those pounds.










9279105_f2605. Water Tracker
Water Tracker calculates the ideal amount of water you take according to your age, gender, as well as the amount of exercise you do every day, among other factors. If you are below target in reaching your goals, a special “smart alarm” will send you the warning signal. There’s also a water tracker update to keep you informed in real time. This app, available exclusively for Android devices, does practically everything to keep yourself hydrated all the time.






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