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Is a Fitness Gadget Better Than a Personal Trainer?




Which one of them is still better?



So you want to embark on your own fitness program, but considering your time and especially your budget, what method of fitness would you like to avail to? Would you hire a personal trainer or just buy a personal fitness gadget? Both of them have some of their own good points and their own inadequacies. We will help you out in deciding if a fitness gadget better than a personal trainer or vice versa, through these factors.





Fitness gadgets



Many fitness gadgets are definitely cheaper than hiring a personal trainer or instructor. For instance, there are fitness belts that cost less than $100 per purchase, or an activity tracker that costs $30 or even less. Game consoles that have turned into fitness gadgets will cost you around $100-$200 and more if you buy the discs. But at least they’re relatively cheaper than personal trainers, whose asking price range from $60 upward per session (depending on the number of sessions). This will cause clients to go broke before they get fit and trim.

Plus, with fitness gadgets, you can have your workout anytime and inside the comfort of your home, rather than having the trouble to go to the gym every day. The great thing about fitness gadgets is that they don’t only concentrate on a full-body workout. Some of these fitness devices focus on one body part, e.g., your lower body parts, or your upper arms.

Using fitness gadgets, naturally, will give you variety. So they can be fun and bring more excitement to your fitness routine. Consoles incorporate fitness into many of their games, making gaming more active and will help you to shed some pounds. If you are a technology lover in particular you will definitely love these fitness gadgets. With many people these days seems to get “wired,” buying fitness gadgets seems to be a sensible decision. Another good thing about gadgets is that they can’t talk you out of skipping a workout.


Personal trainers



Though there are several fitness and workout gadgets, they’re not obviously for everyone. Many people still prefer the old-school and traditional methods to get fit and healthy. That’s why in this high-tech day and age so many people still go to the gym and hire personal trainers even if these methods will certainly break the bank.

Hiring a professional personal trainer has their own advantages too. Many people consider hiring a personal trainer a “gold standard’ in fitness. If you want a full body workout, a personal trainer can help you achieve that, that fitness gadgets cannot do.





Unlike fitness gadgets, fitness instructors are unquestionably better at choosing the most suitable workout routine that will work for you, since they will assess your body type. Gadgets may or may not work, and you are not sure if you’re making the right investment by purchasing them. Fitness instructors or personal trainers, however their price may seem too steep for many people, will make sure that you have your money’s worth. These instructors may even also watch over your diet, and recommend you the right foods for you to eat, as well as proper eating tips and habits. Since this is their profession, a personal trainer will personally focus only on your progress, and this is something that gadgets are unable to do.


A human willpower is still the key to your fitness and health

Gadgets, of course, will never replace a personal trainer. But they will ably do these functions in the absence of a personal trainer or if you can’t afford one. But no matter which method you would choose, nothing still beats a human willpower to get you through in your journey to losing weight and fitness.


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