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Is a Creative Writing Degree for You?



Not every person is well suited to get a degree in creative writing. It is important that individuals determine whether they are or not, pretty early on. This will help them avoid wasting their time, money and effort going after a degree that isn’t a good fit for their academic strengths.



8878420_f260Who is the perfect candidate for a creative writing degree?

A creative writing degree is for people who want to write for a living. People who have some natural writing ability are the best candidates. Those that do not would be best served getting a different degree. This is often the best option in both the short and long term. A person will experience less frustration because they will be seeking a degree in a major that they are better equipped to handle and succeed in. Later, after graduating, they will be able to obtain a job that best utilizes their skill and natural abilities.

Kinds of people who should avoid getting creative writing degrees

A creative writing degree isn’t for everyone. In particular, it not for those who are poor writers, who don’t have any clear career goals or who aren’t sure whether or not creative writing is something that they really want to do. We’ll discuss the aforementioned in more detail below, particularly why all of it matters.

8878441_f2601) Those with no clear career path

Those with no clear career path: It is extremely important that individuals have a clear career path that they plan to follow upon graduating with a creative writing degree. If they do not, they may struggle to find a job or career that is fulfilling. When at all possible, this should be avoided and it can be (for the most part) by planning ahead. Spending some time researching possible jobs in this field is very important.

8878447_f2602) Individuals who are poor writers

There are some people who enjoy creative writing but who aren’t very good at it. These people are probably better served writing in their free time rather than getting a creative writing degree and then seeking a career as a writer.

Trying to have a successful career that involves creative writing, when an individual isn’t a good writer is likely an exercise in futility. Success is not likely.

8878459_f260c) Not sure about creative writing

If a person isn’t even sure whether or not they want to become a creative writer, they shouldn’t obtain a creative writing degree. This isn’t the type of degree that a person gets if they are undecided. It is a very specialized degree. If a person finds that they don’t really like this field, they may have to return the school to be trained in another one, primarily because creative writing skills aren’t always that useful in other industries or fields. If a person has to go back to school, an additional investment would be required and quite likely, a substantial one.


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