Introduction to WordTracker

8462138_f248WordTracker is one of the more popular keyword research tools we have today, for it is the go-to site for many website owners and Internet marketers. WordTracker is also the one of the first keywords tool, founded by brothers Mike and Andy Mindel in the late 1990s.

Before, online marketers and clients alike could only guess the right “hit” keywords for their website. But with the advent of WordTracker, it gives marketers definite tools to help maintain and improve their website in terms of keywords search rankings.

WordTtracker helps online marketers find ways to identify the users’ search behavior and habits, giving these online marketers the info on how to “tickle” their prospective clients, so to speak.

WordTracker helps online business owners mine keywords that will definitely bring them a gold mine. It delivers totally qualified traffic which converts into real revenues for their business. Not only does Wordtracker reveal to you which keywords on your website are a hit or miss for your clients, this nifty website tool also presents hundreds of new keyword suggestions that will make a high impact on the website’s visibility on search engines.

WordTracker also helps online marketers get ahead of their competition, helping them to identify how much competition they might encounter, giving them the edge to outdo their business rivals with very effective keywords research that will bring them – especially to those who subscribe to WordTrackers’ paid version – legitimate results. With WordTracker, web marketers can also identify the keyword search mistakes (such as spelling errors) by their rivals, which will give the former an advantage.

Paid subscribers will also get another advantage from Wordtracker by getting insights from the customers themselves, helping the marketers transform their websites into profitable ones. They will learn a lot as well from using the paid version of Wordtracker, mostly about the keywords that will bring them revenues. In no time, these marketers will also know the ins and outs of keyword search territory.

Wordtracker also provides the top 300 (or even 500) frequently-searched keywords on the Internet, culled from several and various metacrawlers and search engine agents who store these in a database of millions and millions of search terms. This way, it will give online marketers the chance to improve their meta tags, helping them to elevate their search engine rankings.

In these ways, WordTracker will definitely improve a website’s KEI (Keyword Effectiveness Index) grade. The higher a website’s KEI is, the more popular his keywords will be in search engines. And the more popular the keywords, the less competition it faces.

They also provide an excellent blog and regular emails and other updates that can be invaluable in your web marketing plans. They also have great tools and information on link building which is a key to getting good search engine rankings.

Wordtracker is a paid tool, and gives you the options to subscribe on monthly or annual payments. There is a free trial that let users test the effectiveness of this website tool.

Wordtracker is always on the list of top and most recommended website tools. No wonder Wordtracker is the proven veteran in the keyword search tool territory.