Introduction to Tumblr Blogging

7470087_f260If you are an online marketer or simply a business seeking to make your presence known on the internet, you have probably heard of blogging. You know that it can be a great way to connect with both existing customers and potential customers alike. If you have not heard about using Tumblr blogging, sit down and keep reading.

Many businesses use Tumblr as part of their overall online marketing. Tumblr blogging, however, is something new. Think of it as micro-blogging. It is similar to Twitter but also similar to having a WordPress blog. It stresses ease of use but also allows you to publish any type of content using the Tumblr dashboard. Whether you have a short message to “tweet” about, a video to explain a new product or a full-length article, Tumblr blogging is the place to do it easily.

Customizing a Tumblr blog is relatively easy by choosing a theme that is unique to your business. Of course, you can find a premium theme for around $50, but there are so many free options from which to choose. Heavy customization requires CSS and HTML knowledge, so keep that in mind if you want to make sweeping changes to the theme.

Part of the benefit of using the Tumblr blog is that it is similar to other social networking platforms. You follow someone and they, in turn, follow you. With each new follower, you feasibly could be introducing your business to thousands of new people. You will want to keep your Tumblr blog updated the same as you would a WordPress or other blog.

How do you start a Tumblr bog? Simply go to and sign up. You will have to add your email address and come up with a secure password, but that is normal for any type of blog or social media account you open. Once you have your Tumblr blog, you can add a post immediately.

There are eight different formats for content type with Tumblr blogs rather than simply adding text or photos, which are what most blogs allow. You can add text, photographs, audio files, video files, quotes, links, answer questions and even add chat. It is also possible to combine these types of content. If you decide to vlog (video blog) or add a podcast, the Tumblr blog allows you to do this and so much more.

An additional benefit of using the Tumblr blog, or Tumblog, is the ability to add posts in a number of ways. Add the post through the Dashboard, through an email publishing system, with your mobile phone app or call in your audio post with a toll-free telephone number. The Tumblog can also be viewed on different mobile formats like Blackberry or iPhone as well as others. Moreover, the built-in Facebook, FeedBurner and Twitter tools make cross posting much easier.

If you are new to blogging, you may want to start with a Tumblr blog. Once you are comfortable using this format, you may decide it is the best option for your blogging efforts.7470087_f260