Introduction to the Chitika Ad Network

 – An Alternative to Google Adsense

7953783_f260Chitika is a full-service, search-targeted online advertising network based in Massachusetts, USA. It services over 4 billion ads every month to a vast network of over half a million sites. Chitika is now one of the biggest advertising networks, and more than just a sound alternative to the online advertising leader Google AdSense.

 Online advertisers, as well as web publishers greatly benefit from Chitika’s services.

For the advertisers, Chitika is an established medium for connecting online customers and buyers. Publishers, on the other hand, find Chitika a good way to make profits because of its user-friendly platform.

 Unlike Google AdSense, Chitika does not concentrate on the content of the website to place its ads; instead, Chitika builds and displays its ads through search queries which a user enters to find a specific site. 

For instance, if you enter the words “cheap smartphones” on any search engine, Chitika instantly displays those ads which are much more relevant and related to those search words you use.

Chitika was founded in 2003 in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts. “Chitika” is a South Indian (Telugu) word meaning “in a snap”, which refers to the promptness at which the company displays its ads on thousands of websites. The following are some of the prominent features and services Chitika delivers that any publisher, website owner, or a blogger can benefit from:

1. Publisher Referral Program – Publishers who refer new individuals to Chitika’s ads, will be rewarded by the company with 10% of the cost per click (CPC) revenue that publishers’ referrals earn. So the more publishers refer, the more they earn. Check out Chitika’s site for more information (

2. Chitika’s mobile ads

3. Forms of payment vary: via Paypal, check or direct deposit

4. Chitika is compatible with other ad networks, including the ones from Google AdSense — it means that as a website owner you can also place AdSense ads along with your Chitika ads on one page.

5. Chitika also offers more choices for advertisement unit sizes, perhaps more choices for than what Google AdSense has

Chitika also has an “Advertiser Referral Program”. The more advertiser referrals you make, the bigger the profits. You will also earn $25.00 for each new advertiser referral who invests a $100 on their ad campaigns with Chitika.

Chitika can be a great alternative to Google AdSense if you are build pages that you need more flexibility and options that AdSense allows. Also Chitika ads tend to be very product focused which can be excellent for niche product sites and blogs. Also Chitika has a lower pay out ($10) and will send you the payout via PayPal. Google has more stringent requirements for payments.

One thing to strongly consider is running both AdSense and Chitika on your site. Chitika is AdSense safe. By running both you have more options to monetize your traffic. Just make sure you don’t overwhelm your visitor from seeing your high quality content that attracted them to your site. Strategically placing ads can be beneficial for you and your site visitor.