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7219187_f260Online marketing is becoming more and more competitive. Every business is vying for a few moments of attention and interest from internet and social media users. Social network profiles are flooded with information, promotional content. When there are millions of websites in the world, everyone appears to be fighting to get that first page ranking in whichever categories or for as many keywords as they want. In all this hullaballoo, simplifies the entire process and brings it down to one simply service – a complete social conversation scheduling tool. is not just an message scheduling company or one that posts to your blogs. It is a service that can automate your social media marketing plan including direct message mailing, tweeting, facebook posting, linkedin shares, blog postings and will provide you with statistics, tracking and reporting on your campaigns. The services provided are simple but fairly extensive. A business normally employs less than 5% of what offers. The full range of services include Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Plurk, Onlywire, Social Media, Blogs and Pages, Link Building, Posting and Sharing, a Single Platform to manage your entire social media and posting campaigns.

8324141_f260Almost every business has learned that using Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn among other popular social networks is essential for site web marketing. However, using them efficiently is the key. Timing the status updates properly, scheduling them to avoid missing out on posting, having a strategy to not appear repetitive and bombarding to followers or friends are just some of the requisites of effective and efficient social network marketing. Similarly, creating the right links for the appropriate contents, linking these blogs or pages to specific sites, forums and social media, juxtaposing the sharing and traffic aspects are all essential to get better site SEO and web site traffic. Trying to analyze followers who are influential and are hence of benefit and casual followers, distinguishing between genuine likes and shares from spam, posting the links to the right places and managing every domain with utmost ease and efficiency are integral to the success of any web marketing campaign. offers all of these services and caters to more domains than mentioned here. You get the luxury to sit back and review and access everything from one portal. Use only your emails to access any platform and benefit from a strategy that is the most extensive and multiple pronged than any other in the virtual world today.

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Quick update… Social Oomph now supports shares on LinkedIn Company Pages (as well as profiles and groups). This is a great feature for businesses who want to do updates for their business as well as personal and group involvement.

They have also added an option to mimic following which analyzes those users’ Following list and give you the option to follow those users. Provides precise micro-targeting of twitter followers.

SocialOomph continues to expand its array of services for managing your social accounts. A very powerful service indeed!

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