Introduction to offers a social bookmarking service that is useful for all types of bloggers and businesses. The company offers the best solutions for any one interested in web based social media marketing as it has currently integrated over twenty social bookmarking sites as a marketing tool. As users setup their sites and links they can share each others links across their network – thus providing a very diverse and organically built set of sites.

The company has adopted a web based solution as opposed to having pre-installed software. This comes with various advantages to their clients. There is no need for constant updates since the web based platform is constantly updated. Clients can also get services from the company from any location with internet access. This is also advantageous to any business that is using the services of the company as they are constantly updated on the latest developments in the market such as adding new social bookmarking sites and features.

The automatic pinging services that the company offers are essential in increasing the rate at which the search engines discover links. The whole idea is based on the fact that if the company pings ones website or blog, this notifies the search engines that new material has been added to a website therefore the links will get indexed sooner. Site SEO is thus enhanced as the speed at which search engines discover links is faster.

Another major service offered by the company is that they have diverse links from thousands of social media accounts. The advantage of this to any business is that site link building is made much easier. There is no need for manual social bookmarking as the company operates an automated link building system. The links constantly drip into ones account and are shared across thousands of other user’s accounts.

The company also operates a real time reporting service that provides facts and figures for monitoring the marketing progress. A business banking on web based marketing stands to greatly benefit from such a system as there is no time wasted in fixing changes or breaks in the system. This service can greatly automate the social link building service.

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