Introduction to gShift Labs

8202875_f260Unlike other management tools that deal only with SEO, social media optimization or inbound marketing suites, gShift Labs Web Presence Optimizer is a comprehensive and powerful software that has the features of SEO and social media monitoring and online PR as well as other elements (such as pay-per-click advertising) combined.

In 2009, gShift Labs was founded in Ontario, Canada by Krista LeRiviere and Chris Adams. Both are experts in the field of technology and SEO as they have also established the professional e-business solutions company cgk Technologies Group and Hot Banana.

The founders wanted to make the whole SEO process simpler to manage for online marketers, as well as to provide small to mid size marketers tools to gain more control in organic search rankings.

Some of the benefits that gShift Labs Web Presence Optimizer provides to online marketers:

  • There’s no software to install or download — so no software updates needed too.
  • Search insights that are complete, organic and delivered daily into the whole web presence (websites, blogs, analytics and social media)
  • It helps online marketers to monitor and report all the SEO data such as back links, analytics, social signals, keywords, etc. all in one platform.
  • Scheduled SEO/social media reporting which saves agencies and marketers time and money
  • Software pricing ranges depending on the agency/marketer’s budget
  • It allows easier reporting on executed monthly tasks by activity tracking/reporting by both team/client
  • It enables agencies/marketers to track unlimited websites, pages, social media accounts, competitors, etc. that will influence their marketing strategy decisions
  • It automatically sorts out and separates branded keywords and unbranded keywords
  • Ability to track external pages that allows marketers/agencies to set up their own pages in different formats (such as blogs and social media accounts).

If you’re serious about web marketing you have to be serious about content, competitors, back links, page content, social signals, managing your projects and tasks and much more. gShift Labs goal is to provide you one tool set to report and monitor on your web marketing activities.

It isn’t cheap and its not something you just turn on and it makes it just happen. It takes effort and planning to have a successful web marketing strategy and implementation, gShift labs products can assist in helping your efforts to be successful.