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Gardens and Butterflies – Easy Steps


Key factors in growing and keeping a successful butterfly garden

In order to have a successful butterfly garden in your green garden, you have to have several key ingredients:

  • The Right Plants
  • Water
  • Appropriate Growing Environment


Gardening Tips: How to Make a Butterfly Garden



8845537_f260Plant suggestions to attract butterflies

Here are a list of plants you should consider having in your garden to help attract butterfly’s: Lantanas, Asters, Joe-Pye Weed, Black-Eyed Susans, Butterfly Bush, Butterfly Weed, Liatris, Pentas, Coreopsis and/or Purple Coneflowers. These plants are all very attractive to butterflies and will be immediately attracted to their bright colors.







8845569_f260Do you know that butterflies are near-sighted? The more that you plant these beautiful, colorful blooms in masses the more that these butterflies will be instantly drawn to them.

It is also suggested that you should also plant perennial flowering plants to provide nectar all year long for the butterflies.


Provide the plants with sufficient water, and the butterflies with water fountains

The second ingredient – water – is an easy one to provide. Make sure the are around these plant is well soaked. You can also have small fountains, bird baths and other containers to hold water. By providing water, you’ll attract butterflies to the water. Try and make the water easily accessible and as natural looking as possible to help attract butterflies.


8845548_f260Recommended plants for the caterpillars to feed on

The gardener has to provide an environment for the caterpillars to grow and feed before they turn into butterflies. You can plant the following in your garden in hidden areas to that as the caterpillars feed on them your garden will not become unsightly: Asters, Clover, Hollyhocks, Mallows, Marigolds, Milkweed, Thistles, Nettles, Parsley, Passion Flower,Violets, Sorrel, Snaptragons, and Plantain.These will be attractive feeding grounds to attract and allow the caterpillars to thrive and grow.

Ornamental-looking vegetable plants (like some varieties of cabbages) and some herbs (like parsley) are also suggested. They will encourage caterpillars to forage on them and thrive.

A garden full of butterflies can be a really wonderful thing.There is nothing like seeing your child or grand child see a garden full of butterflies. If you don’t have the time to prepare your garden – watch for butterfly gardens being promoted at your local zoo or arboretum.




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