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Creative Writing Degree – Why You Should Consider Taking It


It is important to have a passion in writing

It is seen that writing is not an easy job. Once you decide on getting a creative writing degreefor yourself, it is necessary that it is what you want to be doing in future. You cannot do well at something that does not interest you at all. Some people choose a certain career because they want to make as much money as they can after graduating from college. Others do not care about making money; instead, they opt for a field that they are passionate about. For instance, those who admire doing it and want to be hired as professional writers.

Those who want to get a creative writing degree should at least have these three qualities:


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8837173_f260They should be good at writing

Although you can learn to write but we see that, the best writers in the world are the ones who have an affinity for it. They do not choose to learn it but have the innate quality of writing and are passionate about it. Those who choose to get a creative writing degree only cause of moneymaking prospects eventually get bored and feel that their job is monotonous and often frustration takes over if they have too much workload.



8831368_f248They like to write

As mentioned earlier, those who seek to get a creative writing degree are required to actually ‘like’ writing. They will feel boredom if they their work is not of any interest to them. Therefore, if you really want to be good at something, you should like it first.




8837182_f260They have a thought-out career plan

Then comes the career plan. Before choosing creative writing as their major, students must plan a systematic career for their future. They should know what kind of writing they want to do and in what environment (magazine, blogger, etc.)


In short, you may choose writing as your career but this might not prove to be best for you if you are not interested in doing it. However, for those who love writing and have an affinity for it, getting a creative writing degree can be the best option for them.


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