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Christians Making a Profession of their Religion

8910049_f260More than a profession or vocation

Over the years, Christianity has become a profession that pays very well and offers many who claim to be a Christian the ability to work in their field of studies. Examples of this are as follows:





Christian Profession



8910096_f260Christian personnel

  • Accountants are needed in the churches, schools, non-profit organizations operated by the churches.
  • Music Professionals are needed in the churches to help with the choirs, orchestra, and often used in the Church-School segment.


  • 8910054_f260Teachers are used by churches to teach the religion but they are often used in the church-school to teach the basic subjects that are taught by public schools. Many churches operate religious Academy‚Äôs that teach children from Nursery School to High School graduation.
  • Office personnel are needed in all churches, church schools, and non-profit divisions of the churches. These people consist of secretaries, administrative assistants, and others to operate the offices.


  • 8910056_f260Maintenances people are often used in the churches, church-schools, and the non-profit organizations.
  • There are those who are Directors, Administrators, and hold other high positions. All of these positions can come from people who have worked in the public doing the same positions.


  • 8910071_f260The churches all need priests, ministers, or clergy in order to operate properly and hold services.




8910082_f260Christian professionals – not all are holy, but most of them are

Most churches and religious groups are very honorable, respectable people who uphold the laws of the land and the laws of the churches in which they believe. There are very few of those who are dishonest but it does not reflect on the church or religion. The use of professional means in any religious organization is the grounds to be fired and often a person will face criminal charges. There are very few of these types of people in the churches.

8910103_f260Then unfortunately, there are those few who have build-up a huge church with many followers who are using religion as a professional means to obtain funds for their own personal gain. Most of these people are caught and lose their position in the churches and face going to jail. They have hurt those who followed their lead and have made many people disheartened when it comes to religion. People in all honesty should not look to those people but just look around at the many Christians who have used their professional skills to aid their church and help many people who are in need. Many good professional Christians have showed what Christianity is all about in their services.


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