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Choosing the Best Storage for Your Garage


Where to put all your things in your garage?

Garages are areas where most of us are likely to store things, and this may result to clutter. One of the easiest and most practical solutions is to install storage units. These storage units will be easier for you to put away things neatly, and will also be easier for you to find things instantly. Storage units will make your garages look cleaner and more orderly.

Depending on the type of your garage, you can choose any of the following storage suggestions. Find unused space or area in your garage and make the most of it by setting up storage units. Don’t ever cut corners on the quality of materials when you are about to install those units.



11813037_f2601. Bike storage

Rather than pile up your bicycles in the yard (and put them at risk to be stolen), you can easily hang them on these neat bike storage units which can be mounted on walls or ceilings of your garage, which offer extra space for your precious bikes.


11813046_f2602. Garage cabinets

Garage cabinets may be the most common form of storage, and they are a necessity to store items such as handtools, oils, cleaning supplies, and related items. There are a variety of garage cabinets, ranging from simple and cheap to fancy and expensive. The materials can be made of:

  • plastic (or more known as resin. They are a good choice because they can withstand natural elements, aside from the fact that they never rot)
  • metal (aluminum or steel. The downside is that they are liable to rust or corrode)
  • wood (engineered wood called medium density fireboard or MDF is mostly used for manufacturing garage cabinets. But they are susceptible to moisture).

Garage cabinets come in an array of various kinds and options, from in-the-wall cabinets, rolling cabinets or overhead cabinets.




11813055_f2603. Garage shelves

Shelves are one of the most popular and best options for garage storage. There are several types of garage shelving, ranging from cornered shelves, overhead shelves, or ceiling mount shelves.

11813058_f2604. Garage storage systems

If you have some more cash to spare, spend them on the complete garage systems. These garage storage systems normally include wall-mounted cabinets and/or shelves, free-standing short or tall cabinets, and grids. Some of the cabinets can also be seen as countertops. People can store the tools, sports equipment and other odds and ends in their garage.

11813064_f2605. Overhead storage

These overhead storages maximize the ample height of your garage. They consist of shelves and cabinets. However, make sure that you don’t store heavy objects in overhead storage. The usual items that overhead storage are put away are boxes and individual containers. Tip: label your individual containers so that you can find them easily.

11813074_f2606. Hooks and racks

Hooks and racks are also good options for garage storage. They can be part of the garage system, or bought individually. You can store from small hand tools to cleaning equipment and even ladders, in your hooks and racks installed inside your garage. The great thing about hooks and racks is that they keep the items visible, which make them more accessible whenever you need them.

Keep the clutter out of the way by using these smart and space-saving storage units so that you can always have your garage clean, organized and safe.


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