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Celiac Disease And Gluten Free Foods



8922019_f260There are people who need to eat gluten free foods in their diet because they suffer from Celiac Disease. The inflammation in the small intestines is worsening when they eat certain grains, which causes discomfort and difficulties for those who suffer from Celiac Disease. The gluten in certain grains is what causes the inflammation so in order to avoid the problem gluten free diet is needed. The following foods do need to be avoided in order to stick with your gluten free diet.





  • 8921980_f260Barley
  • Wheat
  • Bulgur
  • Graham Flour
  • Durham
  • Kamet
  • Rye
  • Matzo meal
  • Semolina
  • Farina





8922001_f260You are able to find gluten free foods in just about all grocery stores and health food stores. Many places that offer you the chance to buy your foods already prepared are gluten free. You can buy gluten free flours and other items in your local store that you can use to make up your own recipes. You only need to check online for gluten free recipes to make a delicious meal that will not cause you any problems with your lower intestines.



8922005_f260Many people still enjoy eating their favorite foods like pizza, hamburgers, and other delicious foods when they use gluten free flour to make their breads. There are restaurants that now offer gluten free menus’ so that when you travel you are able to feel safe knowing that you can eat gluten free foods. Today there are unfortunately many people who suffer from Celiac Disease, which requires them to eat a gluten free diet.

During the holidays is a particular time of the year when certain foods are eaten that is not gluten free. There are now some very excellent recipes that you are able to use that will enable you to enjoy eating the traditional holiday foods. You can find many gluten free foods on the internet that will help you make the foods you enjoy with gluten free flour. There are many different things that you can make from gravy to pies.


You are able to make some of the traditional foods using gluten free products.

  • Gravy
  • Apple, Cherry, Berry, or Fruit Pies
  • Christmas Cakes with gluten free mixes
  • Yams that are gluten free
  • Stuffing’s
  • Corn Breads
  • Hot Rolls

8922013_f260There are many other good gluten free foods that you can make over the holidays that will help you to enjoy the holiday and be a part of the family traditions.







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