Careers with a Creative Writing Degree



There are a variety of ways people can use their creative writing degree to make money. We have listed several in this article. It is very important that individuals have an idea of what they would like to do upon graduation. It doesn’t have to be set in stone, but a person should have an inkling. A little pre-planning can go long way.



Possible jobs that may require a creative writing degree


A creative writing degree
A creative writing degree

A person that is considering obtaining a creative writing degree is likely doing so because they enjoy writing and they believe they can make a career out of it. The latter is extremely important. Most people, especially those of a working age, will attend college and obtain their degree so that they will be able to support themselves and their families. To help those seeking (or thinking about) a creative writing degree and a subsequent career in the field, we have compiled a listing of possible jobs a person with this type of degree may qualify for.





a. Marketer: Some companies and marketing agencies will hire creative writers to write sales and advertising copy. This could be a really cool job for the right person, an individual that enjoys writing and who likes marketing. This could be a really fun job, especially for those who don’t mind the commerce side of business.






b. Professor: A person who obtains at least a master’s level degree may qualify to work as a professor. Professors can work at colleges both online of offline. This can be a great way to put one’s degree to work. It would allow them to work a fairly flexible schedule and teach young adults.







c. Writer: One of the best jobs for a person with a creative writing degree can have is as a writer or author. As an author, a person may work for a creative writing publication. Another option is write books. This gives a person free reign, allowing them to write about whatever they want, that is, if they go the independent publishing route. Another option is to sign a book deal with a publishing company. While this would be ideal for many people, it can be difficult to pull off.. Book jobs aren’t just given out. They are earned.



In Summary

Get paid from writing!
Get paid from writing!


Individuals with a creative writing degree will have a number of job options upon graduating. A person could self-publish a book, work for a creative writing publication, as a marketer or a professor. The sky is the limit with this degree as long as a person is able to sell themselves, i.e., t their skills, intelligence marketability, etc. to a potential employee.

A person is only limited by their inability to dream and be creative. There are jobs out there for creative writers. It’s simply a matter of finding and applying to them in an appropriate amount of time.



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