Business Guide to Business to Business Internet Marketing on LinkedIn

8827627_f260The power of LinkedIn in online marketing

Social networking is a reality that all small businesses must deal with – customers turn to the web first when looking for information on products and services. LinkedIn will be an important tool in your list of resources for small business.

What is LinkedIn and what can you do with it to market your company or business?

It’s undeniable: social networking impacts our day to day lives. We live on Facebook, Twitter, we spend our days tweeting and updating status and commenting on pictures. Businesses, then, are no different: to reach your customers using new techniques, you have to be as ingrained in social media as they are. There are the popular social networks, like Facebook and Google+, but there are also the professional networks, like LinkedIn. LinkedIn is one of the most often used social networks to connect businesses with employees and new customers, and is something you’ll do well to take advantage of with your business.

To get on LinkedIn, the first thing you need to do is build your company profile. This is a simple thing: pictures, some information about your company, contact information and what you sell. Think hard about what you say, especially in your company information section: what you say here is the first contact a potential customer or employee will have with your business; you want to grab their attention, give them enough to whet their appetite, but keep most of the information separate. Remember, your profile on LinkedIn isn’t an end to a mean, but a way to contact your company.


LinkedIn Marketing – How to Use LinkedIn for Business




Some rules and limits to managing your LinkedIn profile

There are limits to what you can do using LinkedIn, even with a company profile. When you have these limits in mind, you’ll be better able to create a good profile for your business. It bears repeating: use your words carefully when you create your company profile. Don’t lie, and don’t leave out important events to potential customers or employees: rather, you want to cast yourself in the best light. Use the space you have on your company profile to explain any negative events, and focus on the positive accolades your business has received.

One thing to be sure and check out are the different groups on LinkedIn. While many of them are very much a marketing/promotional tool – you can help to grow your awareness of your business and stand out as an expert in your fields. You can also consider starting a group if there isn’t one already and working to connect people of similar interests.

LinkedIn and other social networks are powerful tools to grow your business. By being judicious with the information you give on them, and being honest, well-written, and concise, you’ll see your business boom over the next quarter, year, and decade. Knowing how to connect with potential customers is easy, as long as you realize that you want to be doing what your customers are doing: they’re using Facebook, you need to use Facebook. They’re out there, and they want to connect with you and share information between each other. Using LinkedIn is a great way to start the conversation on the right foot.


LinkedIn Marketing: 5 Steps to Growing Your Business on LinkedIn