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Attorney Search: The Advantages of Flat Rates

8903227_f260More and more lawyers are offering services with flat, affordable rates

An increasing number of attorneys are offering flat-rates for in-demand services. Often times they are willing to do so for things like bankruptcies and divorces. Because these types of cases, are straight-forward in many regards, lawyers are willing to take them on for a set fee. This is very beneficial for clients for a number of reasons.


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8903242_f260Many attorneys, in recent years, have changed their pricing structures for certain types of cases. Rather than charge clients by the hour for every type of representation, many are offering flat-rate services. For instance, some attorneys will charge a set amount for what are becoming increasingly in-demand areas of law, for instance, bankruptcy and divorce. There are many advantages of doing so, for both the attorney and the client.



The Advantages of Flat-Rate Fees or Packaged Legal Services

For attorneys, flat-rate fees help to bring in business. People that are unable to pay a substantial amount of money to pay for representation, benefit from working with attorneys that offer flat-fee services. Below, we’ll take a look at several advantages of flat-rate fees.

8903318_f260a. Such services help control costs

Packaged services help to control costs. An individual knows exactly how much money they will be charged and that they will never be charged anything more. This offers much needed peace of mind.




8903328_f260b. Such services allow individuals to accurately budget

It can be difficult, if not impossible, for a person to budget their attorney’s fees if they don’t know how much they will be. When a person is charged by the hour, they have no way of telling how many hours will be required to handle their case. When a lawyer offers a flat fee for a service, an individual knows exactly how much money they will need to set aside. This allows for better planning.



8903347_f260c. Such services are cheaper

Packaged services tend to be cheaper, which is why they appeal to people. Many times, they are substantially so. This is great for someone on a budget who can’t handle the uncertainty of being charged hourly, because they don’t’ have a lot of discretionary or extra income.


In Summary

In increasing numbers, lawyers are beginning to offer flat fee services. Packages of this type are often available for divorces and bankruptcies. There are many advantages connected with flat-rate fees. They are generally cheaper than if a person were charged by the hour. They help control costs while allowing people to more accurately budget their attorney’s fees and legal costs.


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