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Assisted Living – Some Things to Consider


The difference between assisted living facilities and nursing homes

When it comes to finding the perfect assisted living facility (ALF) there are several things that you need to consider. Assisted living gives the senior the ability to live a more normal lifestyle. They are able to do activities, live independent lives, going out with friends etc.

This is very different from living in a nursing home where they must be cared for on a constant basis and are not permitted to leave the area without the help of an aide or relative. Usually Assistant Living Communities are an intermediate between living independently and being cared for on a 24-hour basis.


How to Find the Best Assisted Living Facility




8920126_f260Several important points in selecting the right assisted living community or facility

When you are looking for an Assisted Living Community, you need to look for several things that will make the living arrangement both pleasant and affordable. You want to make sure that the Assisted Living Community is close to your family and friends. You are not leaving your life behind instead; you are embracing life in a brand new community.


8920141_f260You want to make sure that the Assisted Living housing area has all of the amenities that you had in your own home like a kitchen with refrigerator, microwaves, etc. You want your bedroom to be large enough and very comfortable for you to rest when you need too. You should check to see if the facility offers opportunities for you to socialize with others in the community and if you are permitted to bring in your own family and friends for social events.



8920161_f260One of the major reasons that most seniors seek out Assisted Living Communities is because they need medical help with taking their medications or in case of an accident, they will not have to worry about getting immediate help. You should check out the facility to make sure that the staff has medical training and is capable of meeting your needs. This is very vital in selecting the Assisted Living Community that is best for the senior in your family.



8920166_f260Finally yet importantly is the cost behind moving to an Assisted Living Community. You need to make sure that the facility is not too expensive for the income of the senior. Several things come into consideration such as will your medical insurance cover all of the medications that you need or will you need part of your income for medications. The food that you eat will be provided by the facility or they will be buying your own food. You need to have a list of what is covered at the Assisted Living Community so you can determine if this is an affordable way of life.




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