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Assisted Living in Your Own Home


Today it is very possible for seniors to stay at home and still receive assisted living help from local groups and organizations. One of the main functions that you will find for healthier lifestyle at home is getting someone to come into your home and help you with your baths and other personal needs. Modern technology has made it possible for seniors to take their medication on time by wearing a bracelet that will beep or vibrate when the medication is due.


Assisted Living in Your Own Home



8894597_f260Modern technology is a big help to our old folks

Modern technology has become very helpful to our seniors because you can be assisted living in your home with the use of a few gadgets. You now can wear a necklace or wrist watch that when you push a button emergency help will come immediately. Seniors who live alone fear falling without being able to get up. There are security systems that will warn you if there is an intruder, house fire, or other major problems around your home but the same system will also bring you help from emergency services like fire, police, or ambulance.



8894659_f260Nursing for the elderly

There are private health care systems that provide nursing help for those who need assisted living help in their own homes. A nurse will come to your home and help with such things as giving you an insulin shot, changing bandages, oxygen tanks and more. These health care services are readily available and many times are paid for by Medicare or your private insurance carrier.



8894662_f260Professional house cleaning

Then for those who are not able to clean their homes thoroughly there are private maid services, where you can have someone come in and do the cleaning for you at a very reasonable price. The maids will clean your bathroom, kitchen, and other living spaces. They do the mopping, scrubbing, vacuum etc. This is not expensive to have done but is not covered by insurance. There are multiple resources to help with assisted living in your home. Some of those resources provide volunteers that will come in and help you with cleaning your home.


Senior community centers

Senior Community centers offer activities for the elderly and will deliver daily meals to those who are not able to cook for themselves. The Community Centers are a great resource to help aid a senior in assisted living in their own homes. The local Senior Community Center will provide information and personal aid to help you remain in your home.


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