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Arthur Alexander the Unknown Artist

8935884_f260The pioneer of country soul, Arthur Alexander

Arthur Alexander the R&B artist was a singer and songwriter with a strong country influence that he used in his music. He was not well known for his achievements but he did play an important part in the development of north Alabama’s Muscle Shoals music scene.



Arthur Alexander of “You Better Move On” fame

Mr. Alexander has hit song “You Better Move On” was released in 1963, on his first track for the FAME (Florence Alabama Musical Enterprises) studios in Muscle Shoals. The type of rhythm and blues that he turned out was a sign of what a great artist that he would soon become.

Arthur Alexander comes from a background that was a rich heritage in music. He was born Arthur Alexander in Sheffield, Alabama May 10, 1940 to Fannie Scott Springer Alexander who sang in the local church with his local sister. His father was a guitarist who played the Blues around the Sheffield area. At the age of three Arthur’s mother died leaving him to live with relatives. Arthur was an African American who lived in a predominately black neighborhood known as Baptist Bottom.

Commercially modest, but one of the most respected artists in music history

Arthur Alexander's "Lonely Just Like Me" LP
Arthur Alexander’s “Lonely Just Like Me” LP

Since Arthur’s family was so deep rooted in jazz, R&B and country music he began playing and singing at a very early age. When Arthur was older, he joined a group known as the Heartstrings, which was a gospel group. Arthur worked as a bellhop at the Sheffield hotel after he left high school. He was an artist in the way he could create musical sounds his work was wonderful. He admitted that he was not a great singer and had to find others who would sing his music so that it could be brought to the audience.

People enjoyed the deliberate and wonderful sound that Arthur created and he was well respected in the music industry. He was never nominated for any music awards but he had such greats as the Beatles and the Rolling Stones along with many other artists who covered his music. In 1965 he had major hits “Detroit City” and “Cry like a baby” to hit the top of the charts. Arthur does not have a long list of hit songs but what he did create hit the charts. He also created such memorable songs such as “You Better Move On,” Soldier of Love, and “Anna.”

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